Our Philosophy

We believe in providing a high-quality, age-appropriate learning environment that meets each child's individual needs in a safe, inclusive, nurturing environment that builds a foundation for meaningful early life experiences.

What is quality care?

Small group sizes and low ratios.

Our infant/toddler classrooms care for at most five children in each room. For children ages 18 months to 5 years, the classroom size will be no more than 12. We are committed to keeping our classroom sizes small.

Quality Connections
Strong bonds and respect between caregiver, child and family.  We want to provide the best loving environment which the child enjoys;

Educated teachers/caregivers
We offer our staff the opportunity to continue their early childhood education. The Nevada T.E.A.C.H. program supports us.

Developmentally appropriate curriculum
The child learns best based on their interests and through play. Therefore, play is the child's first work.

Age Appropriate environments
Our environments constantly change to provide something new that fits the child's needs. As a result, we have created our classrooms with Q.R.I.S. standards.

Goals for the children

*Encourage confidence and build self-esteem
*Nurture each child's emotional, physical, cognitive, creative, and social growth *Encourage a natural curiosity about the world around us to instill a love for learning *Develop a sense of empathy for others