Programs and Services

Tailored Care for Every Stage of Growth At Small Wonders, we take pride in offering a diverse range of programs and services designed to meet the unique needs of children at every stage of their developmental journey. 

Our rooms are structured by age group and development of the child

Rollie Pollie Room

Infant Care Services (6 weeks to 12 months): Our infant care services prioritize the delicate needs of our youngest members. Experienced caregivers create a safe and loving environment where infants can explore, play, and build early connections. We ensure that each child receives personalized attention and care.

Firefly Room

Toddler Care Services (12 to 24 months): For our curious toddlers, we provide a perfect blend of nurturing care and structured activities. Our toddler care services focus on fostering independence, encouraging exploration, and building the foundational skills necessary for their continued growth.

Bumble Bee Room

Our 2-Year-Old Care Services are thoughtfully crafted to provide a loving and stimulating environment that encourages exploration and sets the stage for early learning adventures.

Butterfly Room

Preschool Services (3 to 4 years): In our preschool programs, children engage in a rich learning environment that combines play-based activities with structured learning. We prepare them for formal education by introducing early literacy, numeracy, and social skills, setting the stage for a successful transition to kindergarten.

Dragon Fly Room

Pre-K Services (4 to 5 years): Our Pre-K services are tailored to prepare children for kindergarten. Certified educators guide students through a curriculum that emphasizes school readiness, early literacy, and mathematical exploration. We foster a love for learning while ensuring each child enters kindergarten with confidence.